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opening day

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It finally feels like Spring, and just in time for opening day at Kings Dominion. Will was so excited
for this day! We got our season passes, posed in front of the fountain, got his wrist band, and
headed for Planet Snoopy. We rode Woodstock Whirlybirds, Snoopy's Junction, Charlie Brown's
Wind-up, Great Pumpkin Coaster. Will stopped to pose with Charlie Brown with his Charlie Brown
shirt on! There was even a little nose picking going on - haha! We stopped at Snoopy's Space
Buggies and then we ran into Snoopy! Will promised us this year he wouldn't be scared of
Snoopy and he would go up and hug him - he kept his promise and ran right up to him. Such a
big boy!! We moved on to Flying Ace Balloon Race, Lucy's Tugboat, Peanut's Road Rally, and
Peanuts Turnpike. He was on cloud nine leaving Planet Snoopy! We walked the midway through
the new "Candy Apple Grove" and after a snack of funnel cakes and fried oreos, we got on the
Ferris Wheel. After a ride on the carousel, we made our way back toward the exit! The Peanuts
Gang was performing on the stage, so we stopped for Will to dance. He danced and danced his
way right out of the park! We had a wonderful opening day, and cannot wait to spend many
more fun days there this season!!

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