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funny boy


Will has just recently started sleeping in his crib regularly. He loved his sleeper, but started to get too
confined not being able to stretch out and put his arms up. This boy loves to sleep with his hands up
above his head and just couldn't do it in the sleeper. As soon as his head hits the mattress, he
stretches out and just looks so darn relaxed - almost like he is in a hammock on the beach. I love
how much he loves his crib. Because of his issues with spitting up, we put the wedge under his top
sheet at the far end of the mattress so he can stay somewhat elevated. I can't say enough about my
video monitor - love the peace of mind and just being able to look over at him on the screen. It is
detailed enough for me to be able to see his stomach/chest rising and falling and on the loudest
setting, I can hear every little breath.


Don't let the photos above fool you...
First, this was just a little tummy time session while I sorted through his clothes - he does not sleep
on his tummy. Second, he does not like tummy time. I am not quite sure why he is smiling because
he normally fusses the whole time he is on his belly.

I just love this little man!

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