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Will has just recently started to really laugh. A step beyond his smiling and squealing. It is totally
infectious when he throws his little head back and laughs with his whole body. I truly can't think
of anything cuter!


Of course, because I am so busy laughing with him and taking it in, I haven't yet captured it on
camera. When he is not laughing, he is grinning or staring inquisitively at everything he can set his
sights on. I can almost see through his eyes the connections his little brain is making; how he is
realizing that every cause has an effect. Watching him learn makes this momma happy!


Will is very content to sit in his swing/bumbo/rocker/vibrating seat/boppy/exersaucer and watch
what is going on around him or play with his toys or stare at his hands right in front of his face.
From time to time, I look over at him and find him looking right at me. (stalker?) All I have to do
is make eye contact and smile and he grins and squeals. This melts my heart! I, of course, have to
immediately stop what I am doing and go over and kiss his cheeks. It would be safe to say that it
takes me a lot longer to do things now than it used to before I had such a cute little distraction.

His shirt says it all!

Happy Saturday!!

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