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our last few weeks

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Just a warning: this post is going to be lengthy because I am a few weeks behind. The photos are
a little all over the place, but this is what we have been up to the last few weeks around here.

Will did a lot of what he does best, nap!

Matt and I were hours late getting home one day because of an accident that caused miles and
miles of traffic back-ups. The sun came out just as we got past the accident scene and was a nice
little light at the end of the tunnel!

I love morning snuggle time with my little man on the weekends!

 We have a lot of things in bloom right now - love it!

Some current favorites seared fresh ahi tuna with yummy dipping sauces (outback), egg salad
sandwich (local eatery), and a nutella and banana sandwich (local italian deli) - all amazing!

Will and I killing some time on the deck before the dreaded running of errands!

My boys after a fresh brushing. That little mound is only a miniscule fraction of what has been
brushed off of them in the last month. They are shedding like crazy right now!

Grocery shopping! Gotta love how he is digging through my purse and guarding the club crackers!

More morning waking up!

We tried out the county farmers market (as opposed to the city farmers market), and it was a
million times better. We will be back a lot more often. Limited photos due to pushing a stroller
through a crowd, but trust me, there were a lot of wonderful looking booths with tons of fresh
fruits, vegetables, meats, and breads.

While Matt prepped our deck for staining, Will and I enjoyed peaches from the farmers market!

In between housework (me) and naps (Will), we played. He is the cutest little distraction I know!

After peaches for breakfast, Will enjoyed organic garden vegetables for lunch!

After a long day of chores (me) and deck staining (Matt), we went out for dinner at where Will
got a yellow balloon for being such a cutie!

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