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'tis the season

a little bedtime snack

his own built-in jungle gym, right in our kitchen - who knew?

playtime in front of the tree

driving through 22 acres of woods and fields all lit up with lights, pretty neat

a nice little dinner out, call ahead seating is great

eenie, meenie, miney, mo - so difficult to decide which toy to play with since he
has so many (many thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who keep this
boy well stocked) and it's not even Christmas

and, I cannot get enough of this boy in his pj's in front of the tree, just practicing for Christmas morning

linking up with amy at a good life.

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Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Sweet SWEET boy. I just want to snuggle him!! Love all the "practice" pics of him in front of the tree! Looks like a real TOYLAND at your house....that little guy must be in heaven. :)

Oh and I love the Christmas lights! MERRY MERRY!

Melanie said...

Awww... how I miss snuggly feetsy jammys! Jax won't wear them anymore, he decides to take them off... then his undies... then he's naked! Love my crazy boy. That Will is a keeper for sure! He is going to be the biggest lil heartbreaker, watch out mama!

If I don't talk to ya before, I hope you and your sweet family have the merriest Christmas ever! Xo

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

CUTE kid!! Love the PJs!! :o)

amy@agoodlife said...

love him in all his different jams!! such a stud.