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our week

after I found him up on the sofa, he re-enacted for me how he got up there on his own

eating tomatoes with crayons in his hand

while we were busy shopping, the clouds parted and the sun finally came through | I had a
lot of clothes sorting to do to make room for the new ones

a rainy drive north to meet a friends at Ikea | it was cool enough to turn on the seat
warmers | W was clearly excited about his drumstick on the way home, so excited he conked
out | the rest of the drive home was nice and peaceful

we went out for dinner and basketball watching (for Will, it was mickey mouse watching on
the iPhone) | after some crazy antics at the dinner table and finding out he is obsessed
with edamame, we listened to the game in the car | will said "uh-oh" when I told him UNC
lost and that grandpa steve was not gonna be happy about it - better luck next year, Heels!

it was a cold day here in Virginia, so we stayed inside for the evening | someone was a
little confused why we weren't outside playing

he thinks mcdonald's for dinner is not a good idea, good thing he had his own food at home

the weather warmed up, and we went for a walk (Will doesn't mind the leash, as long as he
gets to walk instead of riding on his tricycle) | the sun and trees were beautiful | we
enjoyed a nice, warm evening on the front porch

casual fridays are my fav

gloomy morning of coffee drinking, cartoon watching, and toy playing

the sun came out to start our beautiful saturday...


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