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thrill rides

The new Planet Snoopy just opened at King's Dominion (our local theme park), and my mother-in-law
bought us all season passes again this year. We couldn't wait to get in and see the new rides.
You may remember the posts from last season. After the first trip, Will was bored with all of the
rides. This year, there are thirteen rides that he is tall enough for. Of course, being under 42"
tall, there aren't any rides that he can ride on his own. I didn't mind going with him, and it was
fun getting him pumped up for them, seeing his grin and listening to his laughter! The best part
was his first roller coaster ride. I didn't realize how fast it was going to go, but he loved it
and squealed with delight. I love that he loves the thrill of the rides! Totally my son!!
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Matt was most looking forward to the fresh spun cotton candy, so we made a quick stop before we
left the park. After the sugar rush, Will frolicked in the grass. He is the best at frolicking! We
enjoyed a refreshing lemonade and stopped to watch a roller coaster go by. It was a
wonderful first visit for the season, and we are all looking forward to many more this season!

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