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on turning 30, at 31

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So, this post got lost deep in my drafts, and I just realized that I never posted my thoughts on
turning 30. So, now that I am a few weeks into my 31st year, here is where my head was last year:
I am now 30 years old! 30 years old... 30 years old - I have to keep saying it out
loud because I am still not sure what those words mean to me. I have entered a whole
new decade of life, but it hasn't really hit me yet. I have always looked younger than
my age, and felt older than my age, maturity wise. I accomplished a lot in my 20's,
including graduating from college, getting married, moving to a new state, adopting a
dog, getting a real job, buying a house, adopting another dog, having a baby, and
getting a promotion. I am content with turning 30 because life is exactly where I
imagined it would be once I reached this age. I have great expectations for the next
decade and hope that it is just as rewarding, but maybe a little less life altering!
(my beautiful birthday cake my mother-in-law picked up at sweethaus cupcake cafe)

Now that I am 31, I am still content with life. Age has never been an issue for me, and I will never
be one of those people who pretends to be younger than I am. My 30's have been great to me so far!

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