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home sweet home 2013, part 4

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We headed up the mountain to Hendersonville for a visit with my Grammie (Will's Gigi) and met
up with her at the Mineral & Lapidary Museum, where Will got to touch the dinosaur eggs and see
the dinosaur skull. After lunch with my dad, we headed for quite a bit of shopping and wore Will
out. After Will's very brief nap in the car, we stopped at Toys-r-us and picked up some toys,
and a tent and sleeping bag for him to camp out at Gigi's house. We enjoyed dinner with my Aunt
Margaret before heading back to Gigi's house. While at dinner, my aunt sang "Take Me Out to the
Ballgame" with Will and he was totally amazed that she knew the words to the song! We also saw
a cloud that looked like the Pillsbury Dough-boy on the way home. We set-up the tent and sleep-
ing bag and he stayed in the room about 30 minutes before he was in the bed with me, but it was
fun while it lasted. The next morning, Will played with play-dough while I enjoyed coffee on the
screened porch. We went to the fish hatchery, and Gigi bought handful after handful of fish food
for Will to feed the trout. He loved it! We drove up to Looking Glass Falls just as a storm was
rolling in, so we hopped out of the car and snapped a few photos before the rain got too hard.
Of course, since we fed the fish at the hatchery, we thought it only fitting to eat lunch at the
fish camp. We had a really fun time at Gigi's house! After an afternoon nap, we headed back
down the mountain to my parents!

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