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home sweet home 2013, part 5

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We decided to stay in town for the day and headed to the Kidsenses Museum in Rutherfordton,
NC. We started with the fire truck, which he loved. He jumped right on steering and honking
the horn, ringing the bell, and sliding down the pole. He and Grandma Carol played with trains.
Then we went to the kitchen where he went to town cooking lunch for me. He took my order, and
got to work using every pot and pan possible. Typical man, haha! Good thing I didn't have to
do the dishes. We headed outside to the gardens where they grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables
for all seasons. While Will seemed interested, Grandma Carol was the most excited about this
part. He had a blast climbing and crawling through the tunnel and going through the tree house
and sliding down the slide. Over, and over, and over again. He watered plants and dug fossils.
We then went back inside to the bubble room where he created a bubble tunnel taller than him,
and where Grandma and Papa competed to fill a tube up with bubbles. He crawled into a kaleido-
scope of mirrors, he climbed from the 1st floor to the second floor. He shopped, played cashier,
and then played stock boy. He squealed and jumped and cheered as balls and handkerchiefs went
through the air tube maze and came flying out. He slid down the slide, listened to bird sounds,
kyaked, and danced in the silo. He even got to see himself as the news host on television. We
finished the visit buying a pack of molding foam balls in the shop! He absolutely loved it!!

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After the children's museum, then lunch at the Mexican restaurant, a trip to the pet store in
downtown Forest City, and a car nap, he woke up a little grumpy. We headed outside to play and
cheer him up. I might have had to tackle him to the ground with tickles to get him to loosen up
a little. After that, he had a ball playing with his soccer ball and basketball. It's tough being
a 2-year old with too much to do!

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